My journey from fat to the fatfitlife where I will discuss simple changes, simple recipes and, how this simple minded man is choosing to get in shape. So why do I preach simplicity you my ask? It’s for a couple reasons; I am single and live in an “apartment” that has no actual kitchen. So when you’re trying to eat healthy, eating out is not really an option especially when trying to limit sodium. Remember that restaurants put lots of salt in everything and any pre-made or quick lunches are jam packed with sodium.

So what do I do to make meals? That’s where the fun part comes in. In my space I have an old bar designed and built in the 70’s of the rec room I live in. So I have equipped myself with a Sanyo 4.4 cu. ft. Refrigerator.
So that takes care of the fridge to store things, now how about cooking? I decided to get the most out of space available and didn’t want to limit myself in cooking my healthy meals. So after reading many reviews and thinking about what I am willing to give up or make harder for myself, I got a “Big Boss Rapid Oven”
It’s like an Easy-bake oven on steroids! So far I have been nothing but pleased with its performance. It’s also like a game to figure out what recipes will work and adapting them to it.

This site will cover a wide range of recipe topics, kitchen utensils and reviews, current events and fads, as well as giving me accountability in my journey. I would love to hear from people who are also on a healthy journey or just people with fun opinions.

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“One single step is always a step in the right direction”


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  1. Hi Brian,

    I know you get a ton of emails every day, so I will keep this short.

    I’m publishing something about best foods for weight loss soon that I think you’d really be interested in.

    Would love to get your quick feedback and include your insights on it… mind if I send you the link?



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