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Fat to Fit to Fat again and again……and again.

Have you ever tried to lose weight? I’m assuming if you’re reading this, you have. It happens all the time, start a fad diet, lose some quick pounds, plateau, then give up and right back up if not gain more! The vicious cycle that has your head spinning as you’re up and down the yoyo.

Damn that donut looks good. Once across my lips, forever on my mantits. So what’s a guy gotta do to take some serious weight off and keep it off?

For some of you that have followed me in this blog have watched my journey as I took off 90lbs. I looked better, felt better and lived better. My lovely fiance loves more for me and she has let me get away with packing back on the pounds….. Resulting in 1/3 of my weight loss come flooding back on. Now it’s obviously not her fault due to my lack of self control. As I get older however I know I won’t be able to shed as easily, not like it was ever easy before either. Our wedding is in 77 Days and I want to look my best as I marry my best friend. It would be nice to not feel self conscience taking it off on the beach!

So other than my wedding, what has me motivated again? A simple TV show. If you look at the shows that feature large people in need of help, two come to mind the most. One is “My 600lb life” which no offense makes me mad thinking how these people did that to themselves, only realizing that’s the same that people say about my weight. The second is “Biggest Loser” which seems dangerous and terrible on your body. As much as it is nice to people get help and make it competitive, I also worry about them. I am also not a fan of a trainer who you know has never struggled with obesity yell at you.

So that is where my new favorite show comes in, it’s called Fit 2 Fat 2 Fit.

Based on a book by Drew Manning who is a fitness trainer. The credits of the episodes show Drew as he talks about how his brother in law struggled to lose weight and no matter what he did or how he trained, he never made an impact. So Drew figured out that he could never know how the other felt without walking through his shoes.

Drew intentionally gained over 70 pounds in 6 months time, put his body and health in jeopardy, just to see how the other half of us live.

Once he had gained all the weight, he and his brother in law began to take the weight off together. Being the first time his brother-in-law was able to really lose the weight he so desired.

So when I decided to get serious about losing weight again, I could have just read all about keto and designed my own program. I figured this time I would go with a professional I respect so much. So instead of just eating a block of cream cheese and a pound of bacon, I ordered the 60 Day keto jumpstart program. The program comes with exercises, food lists, recipes, as well as online coaching and classes you can take. Easy to follow, so hopefully easy to reach my goal for my wedding.

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