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Planet fitness can’t Weatherford the storm?

Planet fitness has always been known by gym rats as a joke of a gym. My belief is that Planet fitness is just the Wal-Mart‘s of the gym world. They’re cheap, they’re everywhere, most are open 24/7, and the people in them are some of the most interesting you’ll ever meet. Personally I frequent Wal-Mart and I am a member of Planet fitness.

So why so much disdain for PF? A gym is a gym, right? Many people dislike PF because of their rules, and that you will see things there that you won’t see anywhere else. Buzzfeed put together just a short list. Not only do you have the food and “lunk alarms”, you have people getting tossed from the gym for being too toned or loudly working out. We’ll get back to that….

So how can a gym like this be so successful when they don’t want the meathead gym-rats in there? It’s a simple numbers game. A monthly no contract membership is 10-20 dollars a month and goes autopay from your bank account. Most adults have so many more things to worry about then a gym membership they need to cancel because they’re not going. So it’s just reoccurring income to PF. The gyms are nice, bright, with newer equipment and has much more to offer with tanning booths and TVs…..That is if the members remember to go.

So the latest little dust up for PF is with former New York Giants punter Steve Weatherford (@weatherford5) who was recently tossed out of a PF in New Jersey for “loud breathing”. Whether or not you remember Weatherford from his playing days (as a Redskins fan, I certainly do), Weatherford has been featured in several articles about his workouts and his body.


I’m secure enough as a straight man (allegedly) to admit that the dude is a specimen of which I know I will never be at in life. AKA he’s hot and his body is ridiculous.

So the “judgement free zone” casts judgements on those that work hard. Personally I have been working out at Planet fitness and seen guys walking on their hands or maxing out a bench, that doesn’t offend me. I’m not so dumb millennial hipster that needs a safe space at college because someone is exercising their freedom of speech. If anything it makes me push a little harder. I’m not there for the free pizza and candy, I am there to workout and be healthier in my life. Steve Weatherford and I may have very different workout techniques, but we have the same goal in mind.

While guys like me don’t want to be judged for our past indiscretions, we probably shouldn’t judge those that might make us feel a little body conscious.


We should each have the self esteem to know that we may not be equal in what we lift, how fast we run, what we look like in the mirror, but we should be secure enough to coexist in society, or at least a gym!

Also how does Planet fitness know that the person that complained about Weatherford wasn’t some trashy Eagles fan attempting to get back at him for past disrespect to the city of brotherly love?
If you have 5 minutes I would suggest hearing about Weatherford’s story and struggles in his journey to NFL champion.

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“Every step you take is a step in the right direction.”


2 thoughts on “Planet fitness can’t Weatherford the storm?

  1. Love it brother! I couldn’t agree more. Fitness isn’t about where you are by compassion. The only competition is the person in the mirror and building a better version of yourself. Cheers!

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    1. Right back at you. We have two very different body types…At one point I was probably two of you. Now as I work it off slow and steady, my goal much like yours is to be the best version of myself that I can. Thanks for the read and the kind words, keep up all your great work.


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