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Food for thought Friday, control and moderation.

Taking a look back at the last 32 years, control and moderation have never been my forte. So when friends always ask me to bend the rules, just have one drink, will a dessert really kill me? The answer is no it won’t, but the reality is that the slightest hazard can derail the biggest train.
That is why I attempt to control so much of what I do and what I eat.

So let’s jump in the DeLorean and go back in time a few days. Back to this past weekend (Memorial day weekend) while we celebrated the lives of those who paid the ultimate sacrifice, we celebrated the unofficial start of summer. With that comes pool parties and cookouts to celebrate the season. This leaves people like me in a very awkward situation, which is what to eat? The burgers, hot dogs, meats, all made with lots of salt or marinated in a sugary mix. The salads are all pasta related and the fruit is all extra sweet.

Do I go hungry, make it all about me (like a vegan at a butcher shop), or is it gonna have to be a BYOEverything way of life? I just attempted to roll with the punches and eat with discretion….. I did what I could but waking up Tuesday morning showed the results of what I thought was going to happen. While the weight-gain was not devastating in the long run, it was just proof that control is the thing that keeps this train on the tracks.

One day perhaps I can have a cheat day or at least a drink or two, for now however control is what I need. While I may restrict my diet, I do not restrict my fun! People have asked me how I go places like bars, parties, without drinking? I say that I’m just really patient, but in actuality I just like to have fun. To me just going out with good friends or meeting new people is just fine for a Simple Man like me.


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“Every step you take is a step in the right direction”


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