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Celebrating Memorial Day

When you’re out celebrating this weekend we should always keep in mind is how these freedoms have been paid for by the sacrifices and lives of so many servicemen and women. They have defended our freedoms and our country both here and overseas. From the American Revolution until the current fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan,… Continue reading Celebrating Memorial Day

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The “Biggest Loser” is the one that gives up.

The “Biggest Loser” is back in the news for all sorts of allegations, lawsuits, and what many feel is taking advantage of people that have lost their will to get better. I have many thoughts and opinions on “people like me” and the “Biggest Loser“. There is no denying how captivating the show has been.

Healthy living · Monday Motivation

Ignorance is bliss only for the ignorant.

With summer just around the corner you may look in the mirror and see that gut and the fear of public pools and beaches set in. Since starting this blog in early March I have lost 26 pounds just by eating better quality food and walking. I know that I’m not ready to strip down… Continue reading Ignorance is bliss only for the ignorant.

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Fatty wants dessert, damn if he didn’t get it.

As I said just yesterday, carbs are a fat persons Kryptonite and none of us are men of steel. So when you have the cravings for desserts, it’s time to feed the beast but not the addiction. The addiction in this case is the sugar we love so much. So my Paleo and NSNG friendos,… Continue reading Fatty wants dessert, damn if he didn’t get it.

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Breakfast of Champions: Coconut flour pancakes

TEMPTATION!!! If you’re a big guy like myself, you have probably had a lot of love for carbs. Whether it be donuts, breads, waffles, etc. we all have our weaknesses. One of my is nice fluffy warm pancakes on a weekend morning. If you’re even more like me when you hear the word pancakes you… Continue reading Breakfast of Champions: Coconut flour pancakes


Woodworking to avoid the rain.

The following will have very little to do with diet, fitness, nutrition, it’s all about accomplishing a woodworking project. As I have stated many times that I go to my parents house a lot on the weekends, to visit and enjoy the peace and quiet. The other benefits are a much bigger and nicer kitchen… Continue reading Woodworking to avoid the rain.