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#WhatsForLunch #MealPrepMonday where did the time go?

A little late on the #Mealprep this week. I am in the process of switching up my diet to #NSNG  (no sugar/no grain) so far I will say that I have had to eat more fruit to squash the sugar headaches. So for Monday on Tuesday, I had to make due with what I could… Continue reading #WhatsForLunch #MealPrepMonday where did the time go?

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#WorkoutWednesday What A Weird World We Live In.

Welcome to your Wednesday, when you’re now equal distance from all the shame of one weekend to all the shame you may get in next weekend. I don’t often write on Wednesday’s referencing a workout unless it is more geared towards my own personal goals. However I do remember the simpler times in my life… Continue reading #WorkoutWednesday What A Weird World We Live In.