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What game does your life mimic?

We’ve all had those days, when it feels like the world is absolutely kicking our ass. Maybe a fight at home, a rough day at work, maybe just the little things that are nagging you. So what do you do? How do you internalize it and continue on?


If you’re anything like me, you may watch a lot of sports. Sports are filled with clichés like “It’s a game of inches”, “they seem out of sync”, this list could go on for hours. These clichés while seemingly pretty dumb they help internalize and get a point across. If you kick a teams ass by 33 points, you have to be gracious and not be arrogant. Just like if you’re the team that loses by 33 points, you don’t want to be the sad sacks with their heads down crying in your lap. It does you no good but the tears make you look like you pissed your pants. So how does this help day to day life?

I like to think of life more as a hockey game. Most hockey games have an O/U of 5 and a spread of 1.5 goals, this is Vegas counting on a 1 goal game. Most hockey games are decided by just 1 goal, it’s still a loss but is it as bad as the 33 points from before? For your record, yes. For your mood, probably not. If you truly gave it your all and worked as hard as you could and still lost, “they were just the better team that day”. So life can beat you by 1 or you can dwell on your problems and it will seem as if life is up 33 and it’s only halftime.

Now let’s take this to just your healthy journey and your day to day “diet game”. Just like any game; you need a gameplan, hardwork, determination, and sometimes a backup plan in certain situations. The defense you play on 3rd and 9 is a lot different than when it’s 2nd and goal. So let’s just say you get to the end of the day and life is beating your diet by 1, there’s no reason to give up and quit the game. It is actually more of a reason to work harder for the next day. It could be anything, out to eat with friends and indulge too much? Tired after a rough day and don’t get your workout in? It’s one game, not your season. Just remember to hold your head high, don’t make excuses, and play harder the next day.

So whether it’s Babe Ruth calling his shot, or some other cliché you like to use, be sure to have faith in your hardwork and determination.


While this blog may seem like more incoherent rambling, underneath all the clichés and sports obsession there is an actual lesson here. “Play to win the game”. Just kidding, don’t let one lost day derail you from your goals. “It’s a marathon, not a sprint.” Remember to keep the journey and the conversation going on Facebook and on Twitter: @fatfitlife Also for pictures and fun posts, follow on Instagram: @fat_fit_life

“One step is always a step in the right direction”

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